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With Our SEO Audit report, you can identify and correct on-site issues and improve SEO optimization. We also provide an easy-to-follow, concise and prioritized list of recommendations that will help you improve your website's rank and online visibility.

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Prioritize your SEO Efforts!

The SEO Audit Report makes it simple for you to update your site. It starts with a broad review, an in-depth analysis, and an evaluation and prioritization of SEO efforts.

Improved Understanding

Our comprehensive SEO Audit Report is broken into simple language that is clear with definitions and "how-to-fix" tutorials for every problem

Complete Website Audit

Search Engines are dependent on many elements to rank websites. Through our SEO Audit Report, you will be able to look over these aspects and find the issues that may be hindering your site from achieving its full potential.

What we’ll do?

Local SEO Audit
SEO Content Audit
Competitive Audit

At Seo Strategies Pro, our local SEO audit will assist you in discovering issues that could cause your website to not be highly ranked within local searches. In addition, we will evaluate your on-page local SEO efforts.

Our review of all the content on your website will uncover any relevant issues that could cause Google confusion regarding what your website is about. Content issues can cause low traffic and low search engine rankings.

If you know how your competitor is doing, you'll better understand what you need to do to boost your position in search results. In addition, this information can give you a perspective to create an efficient SEO strategy that will outdo your competition.


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Chuck Pisciotta
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I have been working with Seo Strategies Pro for 2 years now and I can't say enough good things about them. They have helped me to grow my business in ways that I didn't even imagine were possible. They are so knowledgeable and are always available to help with any questions, no matter how big or small. And I love that I can work with them remotely, which helps me to save on my work hours and travel costs.

Miguel Henriquez

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Remove the links that affect Your Website Rankings!

Enhance your website's organic ranking on search results by conducting an SEO audit.

Website Health with SEO Audit Tool

Conducting an SEO analysis could be a daunting task. . Seo Strategies Pro conduct a thorough SEO audit that is technical and at a rapid speed. Utilizing the SEO audit tool's reports can help to make your site more SEO-friendly for search engines. Additionally, it enables you to create a pleasant user experience.

Check your website’s health with our SEO audit tool

Prioritize SEO Issues and Fixes

Monitoring a website's on-page health is essential for creating and maintaining. However, detecting mistakes can be difficult if you have a small website or one with hundreds of pages. In addition, it's not feasible to take a long time searching for broken links or images or find any possible errors in your code

Prioritize SEO problems and decide what to fix first

Track SEO Progress

The health of your website requires continuous focus. But, how do you determine if your SEO efforts will yield results? We at Seo Strategies Pro, our SEO Audit reports will help you regularly keep track of your website's health.

Track Search Engine Optimization Progress

Find all AMP problems

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) format is the most popular type of mobile search results across the globe to improve the user experience while giving webmasters numerous advertising opportunities resulting from an increased load time on pages. In Seo Strategies Pro, Our SEO Audit experts provide an exclusive feature that does not exist in any other SEO tool on the market offers -the batch AMP Audit

Detect all AMP implementation issues possible

Your website's security should be assured by using HTTPS checkpoints

The inclusion of HTTPS on your website indicates to visitors that you value their privacy and security. It's also a crucial indexing factor used by search engines. Our SEO Audit report helps you quickly detect the security issues on your website
  • Issues with mixed content
  • Security certificate issues
  • Issues with the architecture
  • Server problems

Issues with mixed content

It is now easy to find all the kinds of content you can include on your website's pages.

Security certificate issues

We'll notify you if the SSL certificate has been registered to an invalid domain name or has expired.

Issues with the architecture

We inform you about HTTP URLs that appear in your sitemap. We also notify you about missing redirects linking from HTTP in HTTPS versions of the same page and internal links to pages with no security and HTTP use on pages containing password fields.

Server problems

We assist you in identifying obsolete security protocols, missing SNI and HSTS assistance

SEO Audit Process

1. Research

We'll be researching your company and your business and talking with you about your objectives and goals

2. Website dissection

Next, we'll start the SEO process by auditing using our unique set of abilities and experience to focus on the most important aspects of SEO ranking

3. Present findings

After conducting the SEO audit and report, we will draft an analysis of the problems that were found and suggestions to correct the mistakes. Finally, we will provide you with the audit report and be available to answer all of your concerns.

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